Oma Cinema has unveiled a new, innovative movie theater design that is set to launch in Paris, France next year. Innovative though it may be, the design has drawn comparisons to the Galactic Senate, as seen in the Star Wars prequels. So, if this catches on, viewers could feel like they are in a galaxy far, far away while watching a blockbuster on the big screen in the coming years.

Images of the design, which was cooked up by architect Pierre Chican, recently began making the rounds online. The theater will do away with traditional rows of seating. Instead, as the images, and a trailer, reveal, viewers will sit in circular booths, not unlike a box seat in a traditional live theatre setting. This will help with the need for social distancing in the future. But, the design undoubtedly brings to mind images of Palpatine preaching to the Galactic Senate from Star Wars.

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The Galactic Senate was a big part of the prequel trilogy, as first witnessed in The Phantom Menace. This similarity did not go unnoticed by social media. Quite a few movie fans on Twitter shared their amazement at the design, while making jokes about the Galactic Senate. Twitter user Caitie Delaney, for example, said the following.

"I would very much like to watch the next Fast & Furious movie at the galactic senate"

Perhaps not coincidentally, the theater's website even uses an image of an X-Wing projected on the screen. Aside from whatever Star Wars jokes one wishes to make, Oma promises a majorly innovative theatrical experience. Per the theater's website, here is what customers can expect.

"The unique configuration of the Oma cinema allows highly personalised services: VIP-Corporate hospitality boxes, table service on all or selected platforms and exclusive VIP access to lounge & bar. Platform distribution allows Oma to meet your very specific needs in existing structures or new projects alike. Choose the size of each platform, number of levels, platforms per level, etc."

Movie theaters face a challenging future, given the state of things. Innovation may well be needed to keep the exhibition business alive. To that point, Pierre Chican argues that this design offers something new.

"Whereas all the cinemas built for more than 50 years now are similar and reproduce the same seating arrangement of the audience, this concept of movie theater creates a cinematographic experience at the same time intimate, spectacular and immersive, where every seat in the house is the best seat in the house."

The global box office has been a mere shadow of its former self this year, with theaters largely shut down around the world. That is slowly changing, and drive-ins have helped to keep the industry alive. But it could very well become an adapt or die situation for movie theaters. This is one way to adapt. You can check out some of our collected social media reactions below. You can also find out more about the theater from

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