Preacher:E! Online received some interesting tidbits about a few of comic book author Garth Ennis' upcoming film adaptations at the recent X2 press junket.

In regards to Preacher, James Marsden said "It's not ready yet. They came to me very graciously with an offer, and I became a big fan of the comic once I learned about it. All the elements aren't together just yet. That's about all I can say right now, except that I'd be thrilled to play that role".

Constantine: And as for the Hellblazer adaptation, Constantine, Producer Lauren Schuler Donner says "We start filming September 15, we'll be out next summer. We're going to make it here in LA. We're saying that he's American and this story does take place in LA, but we do intimate that he works in many different cities. He's had many different adventures--in India, in London. He's a worldly character, basically".

Hellblazer's 'Dangerous Habits' mini-series by Garth Ennis is forming a lot of the script. Keanu Reeves (fresh off The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions) is set to play the title role of John Constantine.