According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox News Channel will air a documentary on actor Gary Sinise's visits to the middle east at 9 p.m. Saturday. The documentary is titled On the Road in Iraq With Our Troops and Gary Sinise.

Sinise has visited Iraq four times as well as Afghanistan. He's also been to bases in Europe, Asia and the U.S..

On the Road in Iraq With Our Troops and Gary Sinise covers a week-long trip that the actor took to Iraq in July. While there he visited "Kuwait and the Iraqi cities of Baghdad, Al Qaim, Al Asad and Ramadi as well as several former palaces of Saddam Hussein."

Filmmaker Jonathan Flora shot the film with a handheld camera. He had to whittle down 26 hours of footage for the documentary.

"We have volunteer defenders who are out there in dangerous places, and their families worry about them," Sinise states. "Whether you support the war, the mission is to make sure our troops and service members who don't ask all that much get some sort of appreciation and gratitude."