Jersey Girl: Kevin Smith has submitted a diary to Movie Poop Shoot about the recent happenings on the set of his latest film, Jersey Girl.

JERSEY GIRL is, hands-down, the best movie we've ever made.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Granted, we're only in week two, but I feel comfortable going on the record with that confession. Now for some of you, calling this flick our best probably isn't saying much (as there are cats who feel we've never done anything cinematically worthwhile). For others, you'll never agree (the hardcore MALLRATS won't find much to love about this flick). But for me, as my jaw drops watching the performances spark to life while we shoot, as I marvel at the dailies every night, and smile widely when Scott and I cut the scenes together over the weekends, that's the impression I'm getting. This flick certainly isn't the funniest film we've ever made (far from it), but it's already the most visually rich affair, with the most thoroughly realized characters I've ever had the pleasure of watching any of my casts commit to celluloid. As we come to the close of week two of our scheduled 11 weeks of shooting, for the first time in my career, I feel like a full-fledged filmmaker, as opposed to just a writer who directs his own stuff.

CLICK HERE for Kevin Smith's full diary.

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Charlie's Angels 2: Halo:Dark Horizons tips us off to 2 more Charlie's Angels set shots that came from Entertainment Weekly the past couple of days...including a shot of Demi Moore on set.

javascript:;|CLICK HERE for shot 1!

javascript:;|CLICK HERE for shot 2!

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines:Finally, our friends over at The Arnold Fans have summed up all of the sporatic images from T3 that popped up online last week. CLICK HERE to experience every image there is so far to feast your eyes upon!

Star Wars Episode II - Attack Of The Clones: So, excited to see Attack of The Clones on the big IMAX screen? What if they shave 23 minutes from the final cut? The is reporting that Jordan's IMAX is claiming that 23 minutes will be cut from the film in order to conform to the majority of IMAX systems out there:

The IMAX edition, which will be distributed by Twentieth Century Fox "exclusively to IMAX theaters," will be trimmed from its original 143 minutes to fit the 120-minute capability of most IMAX platter systems. A LucasFilm spokesperson told LFX that the editing will "maintain the integrity" of the story.

Die Another Day:Coming Soon got a glimpse of what to expect in the new Bond film when WENN interviewed Pierce Brosnan.

Movie Picture{21}

What can fans expect from the 20th James Bond installment? "The film has everything everyone loves about Bond, but much more so. I think they've thrown everything but the kitchen sink at it, but in a good way."

House of The Dead:Creature Corner is reporting that director Uwe Boll plans on using actual footage from the video game in the final cut of the film!!! Here's what co-writer, Dave Parker had to say about this new 'addition':

"I really don't know how this idea Uwe has come up with came about, but it really could go down as one the biggest misjudgments that a director could do. People want to see the movie as the movie and play the game as the game - they should be separate and I really hope in the end that they do."{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}{@IMG:FpXeR99BEwGdgNQoiqZxTt84i97CoK|Movie [email protected]}

Austin Powers in Goldmember:SMH.comhas revealed some scenes from Goldmember that were cut from the final version of the film. Here's what you missed out on:

- Austin's reunion with former flames Elizabeth Hurley and Heather Graham

- An operatic vomit scene following a character's grisly death

- After Dr Evil is captured, his underlings pack up the lair

- While Austin is knighted, a corgi does unspeakable things to Buckingham Palace

For complete details of these scenes, CLICK HERE The Goldmember DVD hits thetaers December 3rd.

Legally Blonde 2:Filmjerk has posted a full plotline and character development piece on what exactly is going to transpire in the new Legally Blonde sequel. For deatils, CLICK HERE Thanks to DH for the heads up.

Spider-man:CNN has a report of the now recovered Spider-man costumes, valued at over $50,000 a piece, which were stolen from the set during production! Thanks to DH for the heads up.

Culver City police served search warrants at locations in Los Angeles and New York, where three of the pilfered "Spider-Man" costumes were recovered. The "Batman" suit and mannequin were traced to a New York collector, while the fourth "Spider-Man" suit wound up in Japan, according to a Sony spokeswoman.

The suits had been stolen from different studios, but are linked by a former studio security guard, Jeffrey Glenn Gustafson, who worked at both Warner Bros. and more recently, as a guard at Sony Pictures Entertainment. He and another man, Robert Hughes, were allegedly in possession of the custom-made costume suits.

Gustafson, 35, of Burbank, is charged with two counts of receiving stolen property, while Hughes, 34, of Los Angeles, is charged with one count of receiving stolen property.

Movie Picture{42} Ian McKellen has updated his official website in new talks about the extended edition of the {43} DVD coming out in November.

In November, to get the juices flowing before the December release of The Two Towers, a four-disc super DVD package will be released. But, better still, this November version will include 40 minutes that didn't make it into the cinema film which Peter Jackson has always considered his director's cut, or rather the one that best fitted a theatrical release. There was bound to be some wonderful stuff that didn't make it and which ought to be seen. This longer version follows the same route as before but with much more detail of plot and of character. Howard Shore has added his music seamlessly to the soundtrack. A few weeks ago I saw a screening at the 60-seater cinema within the WETA workshop complex at Camperdown Road in Miramar, Wellington.

It's an undistinguished two storey wooden building within which Treebeard and Minas Tirith were designed and made, where all the weapons, masks and props for Middle earth were invented and tooled. The cinema is used for viewing daily rushes of the previous day's film, where snacks and take-in food and fizzy drinks are always on hand. Arriving early for the screening - well wouldn't you? - I helped pop some corn and arrange a display of candy-bars in the drafty lobby guarded over by a full-size Gandalf cut-out and, for me much more alarming, by two Saruman figures. What chance would a grey wizard have against two whites?

My impression was that this cut is superior to the previous one and that it is a pity that there are as yet no plans to show it in the cinema, where managers gulp at the thought of a three and a half hour movie, with no interval and thereby less-remunerative refreshment sales. But perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps it's the greed of one already sated that makes this extra dish so appetising. At first sitting the original cut may be easier to digest. But this DVD is a must for the devotee.

McKellen also speaks about his recent involvement in the X-Men sequel...CLICK HERE to visit his site. Thanks to Coming Soon for the heads up.

Movie Picture{49}{50} is running a huge feature on Quentin Tarantino's long over due come back, {51}. Check out some excerpts from the article:

To achieve this feel, virtually every element of the film, from cast to camerawork, borrows enthusiastically from combat cinema's archives. One scene will be shot in the flickery black-and-white of the Godzilla genre, another will unfold entirely in Japanese animé. Tarantino even sent his cinematographer, Oscar winner Bob Richardson (Platoon, JFK, Wall Street), lists of must-see Samurai and Shaw Brothers' classics like Five Fingers of Death and One Armed Swordsman as a pre-production crash course in the camerawork of the kick-flick canon.

To get it right, Tarantino felt he had to travel to the source. Portions of the movie will be filmed in Mexico and the U.S., but almost all of Kill Bill's Asian scenes, including those set in Japan, were shot in Beijing in a studio that Mao Zedong built to produce propaganda pictures. Lounging on a bar stool on the set of the House of Blue Leaves, Tarantino admits that realizing this sequence—in which Thurman eviscerates a grand total of 76 masked stuntmen—is the biggest challenge of his directorial career. "I want it to be to kung fu fights what the Apocalypse Now 'Ride of the Valkyries' scene was to battle scenes. I set up the sequence so that either it would be the greatest thing anyone's ever seen as far as this shit's concerned, or I would hit my head on the ceiling of my talent."

Part of the challenge lies in the inherent complexity of martial arts scenes, which must be assembled from hours of carefully choreographed film snippets taken from multiple camera angles. "My movies aren't usually difficult," Tarantino explains as Uma Thurman strides by clutching her infant son and the crew wet-vacs some blood puddles to the wails of Bob Marley's I Shot the Sheriff. "They can be too easy. I write these meaty scenes and on the day, me and the actors, we eat 'em. And you feel great. You've just eaten a nourishing meal. But (shooting action) isn't a nourishing meal. You do all these little bits and you never know quite what you've got."

Tarantino has made his task all the harder because he's resolved to make Kill Bill in what he calls "the Chinese Way"—a phrase intoned with mantra-like frequency by the film's nearly 300-strong cast and crew. Digital effects are out. "That shit looks good, but it looks like a computer did it," he shrugs. "I'd rather have it look good and look like a cool '70s thing." He's tried wherever possible to replicate the devices favored by his kung fu forbears, which means using such low-tech innovations as Chinese condoms filled with fake blood. The actors pop them at the critical moment—a nod to the recently deceased Chinese director Chang Cheh, who Tarantino says invented the technique for his 1970 film Vengeance. The impassioned cinEaste in Tarantino wants every drop of blood—this scene alone will require 100 gallons of it—to authentically recall the films to which he's paying tribute. So his special effects team employs a selection of fake blood that rivals the cast and crew in its international diversity. "I'm really particular about the blood, so we're using a mixture depending on the scenes. I say, 'I don't want horror movie blood, all right? I want Samurai blood.' You can't pour this raspberry pancake syrup on a sword and have it look good. You have to have this special kind of blood that you only see in Samurai movies."

CLICK HERE for the article in it's entirety.

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