Rudolph has turned into a big strong bull with quite a set of antlers. The Christmas icon is teaming up with Wade Wilson and Fred Savage this morning, as they all take a brisk holiday jaunt through the snowy countryside in preparation for Once Upon a Deadpool. Today, we have a poster for this PG-13 rerelease of what is essentially Deadpool 2.

The creators of Deadpool aren't merely trying to show Disney that Wade Wilson can exist in a more family friendly post-Fox landscape. They truly believe that there is an untapped market of youngsters out there that want and need to see Deadpool 2 this Christmas. So they have reedited the blockbuster hit, yanked out all of the words that would land the best of us on the naughty list, and reconfigured some of the more violent elements. Then they're wrapping it in some pretty new paper, as evident from this poster, putting a bow on top, and calling it something new.

Ah, you can't fool us, Wade. We've been to a White Elephant party before. This is just a fart in a bag, and only those with a really good sense of humor will want to trade for it. Oh but wait. Let's not sell Once Upon a Deadpool short. This isn't merely a watered down version of Deadpool 2. We're getting something completely new here that should entice fans back to the theater.

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It has been confirmed that Ryan Reynolds shot completely new footage for this theatrical rerelease, which will be in theaters starting December 12 for just two weeks only. It will end its theatrical run on Christmas Eve, so don't plan on going to see Once Upon a Deadpool on Christmas Day.

The team behind Deadpool 2 have shot 15 extra minutes to add back into the film. It hasn't been revealed what all that entails. What we do know for a fact is that Fred Savage was invited to reprise his Grandson role from The Princess Bride. The main premise is that a suited up Wade Wilson will be reading from a Deadpool storybook, recounting his previous adventures to the grown-up Savage, who still wears his Bears jersey to bed.

It's believed that Once Upon a Deadpool will be utilizing footage from both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 to tell the overall story of Wade Wilson to those too young to have already seen the movies. This makes sense, as there is so much stuff that has to be cut out of both films to achieve that coveted PG-13 rating.

Ryan Reynolds, Rhett Reese, and Paul Wernick all reunited to shoot the new framing scenes for Once Upon a Deadpool. They worked with a very small crew and shot all the new footage over a 24 hour period, working guerrilla style. There will surely be some big surprises, but no one is revealing whether or not Josh Brolin or Zazie Beetz will show up for cameos as Cable and Domino (who might actually make for a nice Mr. and Mrs. Claus combo). Though, there is expected to be someone or something that fans will never see coming.

You can check out the first poster for Once Upon a Deadpool below. It comes from IMP Awards and Fox. Hopefully we'll get to see Deadpool and Fred riding across the yuletide landscape on a burly Rudolph. But we have a feeling this is all for the poster. After all, Deadpool never shows up on an actual Unicorn in any of the movies.

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