Once Upon a Deadpool will feature 20 minutes of brand-new footage, according to Deadpool 2 actor Julian Dennison in a new promo. The young actor is shown reading the same book that the Merc with a Mouth reads to Fred Savage when he brags about the new PG-13 rating and takes a shot at Infinity War in the process, noting that Deadpool 2 didn't have any characters die at the end. However, that point could be argued since most of the X-Force were all introduced and swiftly killed.

Ryan Reynolds and crew assembled a small crew to film the additional scenes included in Once Upon a Deadpool. They shot the new footage very quickly, guerilla style, and from the looks of things, they did a pretty good job. Seeing Fred Savage after getting kidnapped by the Merc with a Mouth and placed in a recreation of his character's bedroom from The Princess Bride is impressive. Reynolds and Savage have a good chemistry together that is evident after watching the first Once Upon a Deadpool trailer.

Speaking of Fred Savage and The Princess Bride, the Once Upon a Deadpool idea was originally pitched to Ryan Reynolds by a fan on Twitter last December, before Deadpool 2 even came out. The studio has wanted to make a PG-13 movie with the hero, but Reynolds was always against it. However, he has since changed his tune and coincidentally came up with the exact same idea that the social media user had a year ago. Reynolds and the Deadpool fan have since talked together privately, and it turns out that it was all just one big coincidence.

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Taking Deadpool 2 and sanitizing it for Once Upon a Deadpool must not have been an easy task. The movie if full of foul language and inappropriate parts that bordered on an NC-17 rating, which is more than likely why they filmed the extra footage. Even before the new footage, there was unused stuff that made it into the super cut of the sequel as well, and some of that footage may have made it into the new holiday-themed PG-13 version of Deadpool 2.

Once Upon a Deadpool hits theaters on December 12th and will only play until December 24th. The idea lands at the perfect time since many students will be out of school for the holidays, which will more than likely bring in a lot of extra box office money. Additionally, Ryan Reynolds and crew partnered with the F*ck Cancer organization and each ticket sold will donate $1 dollar to the charity. If that wasn't enough, the organization is also sanitizing its name for the PG-13 Deadpool 2 release to Fudge Cancer. The marketing behind the original version of the sequel was pretty amazing, so expect things to get even crazier as the release date for Once Upon a Deadpool approaches.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick