It's beginning to look like the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood miniseries may actually happen at Netflix. Actor Brad Pitt confirmed that Quentin Tarantino has discussed the idea after being happy with the way The Hateful Eight miniseries came together. The idea behind the project would be to take the massive amount of footage Tarantino originally shot, edit it in, and then split the new edit down into episode-length cuts.

In a new interview, Brad Pitt was asked about Quentin Tarantino taking on a Once Upon a Time in Hollywood miniseries. Pitt says, "Yeah, he's talked about it. It's a pretty arousing idea." And for fans of the movie, Pitt's opinion is spot on. Even though the final cut in theaters is just over two-and-a-half hours, many viewers expressed wanting more. Plus, some of the material shown in the promotional clips for the movie were not included in the final cut. Pitt had this to say about the idea of a Once Upon a Time in Hollywood miniseries.

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"It's almost the best of both worlds. You have the cinema experience that exists, but you can actually put more content in the series format."

Quentin Tarantino's original cut of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was famously four hours and twenty minutes. There's more than enough extra footage lying around for Tarantino to make a director's cut and then slice it into episodes, though it sounds like it would be a pretty big undertaking. Footage that was left on the cutting room floor includes James Marsden as Burt Reynolds, Danny Strong as Dean Martin, a scene where Margot Robbie's Sharon Tate goes for a swim, and Tim Roth as Jay Sebring's butler.

There's even more unused footage of 10-year old actress Julia Butters that didn't make it into Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. According to producer David Heyman, "Butters' cut scenes were so good it would have made her a lock for an Oscar nomination." This is just some of the unused footage that we know about. There is a lot more and the idea of Quentin Tarantino going in and making an alternative version of his latest hit is something to get excited about.

As for whether or not the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood miniseries ends up happening, that is unclear at the moment. For now, it seems like Quentin Tarantino is seriously thinking about it. Neither Netflix nor Tarantino have confirmed the plans to do the miniseries idea, but that makes sense since the movie is still in theaters. Regardless, the director has talked in the past about his excitement for "fuller versions" of his work to come out and has already teased the idea of a "extended miniseries" of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and the possibility of a spin-off show too. The interview with Brad Pitt was originally conducted by the New York Times with author Kyle Buchanan's Twitter account posting the outtake questions.