The Good

The Bad

Things have certainly been spiced up in One Tree Hill - The Complete Second Season. When I reviewed the first season, I remember this show having a more “small town” feel. Now this show feels as if it’s been given a makeover by the creators of “The O.C.”. Lucas and Nathan seem to have found a common ground whereby they can be friends, but things seem to be brewing already when Lucas moves in with Dan Scott. Add to this Nathan’s marriage to Haley (and the inevitable ups and downs that that will bring), and things are further confused by new characters that have been expanded into the show like Mouth, Felix and others.

While I think I liked the small town feel of the first season better, I do admit that the new plot lines and story twists really seem to be playing to the character’s strengths. I also like how each actor (with the exception of Dan Scott) seems to be trying to be themselves, while also searching for a deeper humanity with which to hang on to. It is a tightrope, and on a show where frictions run high and so many emotions are being dealt with, the characters that inhabit One Tree Hill seem to be doing their best just to keep their heads above water.

At the very least, One Tree Hill - The Complete Second Season will keep you interested and keep you watching.


Unaired Scenes and Commentary Tracks on 3 Episodes

This DVD set comes with a booklet that makes navigating around all 6 discs very easy. I say this, because if I didn’t have this booklet I would be lost. The “Unaired Scenes” are spaced all throughout the discs and they’re actually quite plentiful. As I am not the biggest fan of deleted scenes, I think I could have done without these, but for the rabid fans of this show, I am sure they will get a lot out of seeing their favorite characters in situations that they didn’t know existed. The commentary tracks are also spread out amongst the discs, and they are done by Series creator Mark Schwahn, actor Bryan Greenberg and Director/Actor Paul Johansson. While at times, I think the people on these tracks take themselves a tad too seriously, I did like their insights, especially that of Paul Johansson, about his role and what he was trying to do in front of the camera.

The Music of One Tree Hill, Diaries from the Set and Change is Good

I did all of these extras together simply because they just seemed so similar in a lot of ways. “The Music of One Tree Hill” focuses on the music that inhabits the show. It also looks at the tour that sort of evolved out of it and even includes actual characters from the show. I never even knew about this, but I have to admit that’s pretty cool. “Diaries from the Set” looks at a Charity Football Match that the cast members took part in, as well what life was like on the tour bus for the musical acts. While not really that groundbreaking, these extras make this show that much more accessible. I really liked the “Change Is Good” feature, mainly because if you aren’t that “up” on the show, this will give you a crash course to the new faces that are becoming more prominent. The character with the most potential in my opinion is that of Mouth played by Lee Norris.


Widescreen Version. Presented in a “matted” widescreen format preserving the aspect ratio of it’s original television exhibition. Enhanced for widescreen TVs. This show looks really well transferred. As there are a bunch of different locales, mixed in with a decent amount of “indoor” shots, there is an easiness to this season that I don’t recall there being in the first one that I screened. I like how this show also allows the actors to be a tad more freewheeling in their acting styles. I didn’t think that every line had a ton of importance, and this show actually seems like people are talking as opposed to waiting to speak. One Tree Hill - The Complete Second Season manages to keep the small town feel, even though it has expanded it’s canvas in a story sense.


Dolby Digital. English Dolby Surround Stereo. The audio is really well done. I didn’t have to turn up the sound that loud at all. Considering how important music is to the this show, I actually would have thought that the sound would have been more “tricked out”, but this isn’t the case at all here. While things may not be at the highest audio quality, the sound is perfect. Since a lot of the music is “college rock” or “alternative”, or whatever this stuff is called nowadays, it isn’t like we need the best acoustics to put this music across, right? One Tree Hill works for me in a lot of ways, simply because it doesn’t seem to be a show that’s fueled by the soundtrack. The songs are just a nice compliment to the scenes at hand.


As I mentioned this DVD comes with a booklet which lists all the episodes, gives episode descriptions, extras listings and everything else you could want. All 6 discs are housed in a book like fashion in their individual plastic trays. Each disk features a character from the show. This disk set is housed in a cardboard, vinyl, bergundy-type cover which features the cast of the show against a brick wall. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds (save for Chad Michael Murray’s facial expression). The back cover is a tad busy with some small pictures from the show, a description of the drama of Season 2, an extras listing, credits list and some technical specs. While at first I thought this set was going to be sort of clunky, overall it turns out that it’s very manageable even if it is a tad a too large for my tastes.

Final Word

There is something annoying about Chad Michael Murray. I hate to single him out because it’s probably not his fault entirely. He just has this facial expression that he likes to make where he’s always brooding. I am sure this is “hot” in some capacity and maybe I am jealous because I am not “hot”, or I can’t “brood” like he does, who knows? The point I am trying to make is that I get the feeling that this attempt to look “hard,” this need to show himself being tough is something that 10 years from now he is going to try and disassociate himself from.

Again, my favorite character on the show is Keith Scott (Craig Sheffer). He is so good in a sort of moral compass capacity. Yeah, I am sure people see parallels between himself and the younger Murray, but I have to give Sheffer credit for being above all the Hollywood “cool” BS and just allowing himself to age gracefully.

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