A year from tomorrow, Star Wars: Episode III will make its big-screen debut in theaters around the world. As previously reported, May 19th, 2005 is the premiere date for the final film of the Star Wars saga.

The film is currently in the thick of postproduction, with the edit undergoing daily changes. With a phase of additional photography still scheduled for August, there are notable holes to fill in the edit, but animatic placeholders fill in the gaps for now.

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This week, a small Second Unit will be active in Sydney, Australia, shooting a scene of background Wookiees played by towering Australian locals. Also scheduled for this shoot are individual elements of Temuera Morrison in his clone commander role.

Later in the week, intercontinental audio recording sessions will be held at Skywalker Ranch. A high-speed tie-line will connect Director George Lucas to a studio in Australia, as Temuera Morrison records his dialogue. Actor Bruce Spence is also scheduled for dialogue recording, in his role as the helpful alien, Tion Meddon.

Currently, ILM is busily working away on over two thousand effects shots. With the evolving edit, they are concentrating on those parts of the film that are locked down. The ILM Model Shop is working on two of its most colossal miniatures for Episode III -- one is an exterior environment that stands over 15 feet tall. As it stands, ILM has equaled the number of completed shots for Episode II at this same point of production, a year prior to its May 2002 premiere. Though those eager to see Episode III have May 19 circled on their calendars, ILM's deadline is April 1, 2005.

How to while away that time? Subscribers to Hyperspace, The Official Star Wars Fan Club can look forward to continued postproduction coverage online and in the pages of Star Wars Insider. This July, Comic-Con International in San Diego promises an insider's look at Episode III with some new revelations. In September, the eagerly awaited DVD release of the Star Wars Trilogy will include a look at Darth Vader in Episode III, and by year's end, the first teaser trailer and poster will be unveiled.

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