The viral games for The Dark Knight just keep getting more and more involved. A new e-mail was just sent out to folks who had foolishly registered with Clown Travel Agency by Commissioner Gordon, this time revealing a new website for Operation: Slipknot.

The e-mail from Gordon is simple and to the point. It says:

OK friend, you're up to bat now. You have yourself a new assignment: Operation: Slipknot.

When you go to the site, you'll see the photos for three Officers, and buttons saying SUBMIT, ASSIGNMENT and INTEL.

If you click on ASSIGNMENT you'll be given your instructions, which basically say to call the Gotham Intercontinental Hotel, pretend to be one of the three officers, and get them to send you a package. You'll need to provide information obtained using the INTEL page in order to fool the conceriege into sending you the package. Once you get the package, you can use the SUBMIT button to give Gordon news about the suspects' whereabouts.

The website for the Gotham Intercontinental Hotel can be found at

If you miss out on one of these first officers, Gordon says more suspects will be added over time. So, now it's time to do your part to keep Gotham safe!

Or, if you prefer to leave crime-fighting to the professionals, watch Batman, Commissioner Gordon and DA Harvey Dent face off against organized crime and the Joker in this summer's The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight opens on July 18, 2008, and stars Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gylenhall.