Oren Peli discusses The RiverI recently attended an event for {0}, which hits the shelves on {1} and {2} January 24. Producer {3} was in attendance, and he spoke briefly about his upcoming ABC series {4}, which premieres Tuesday, February 7.

Here's what he had to say about his new show below, when asked how it compares to the Paranormal Activity franchise.

"The River is different in many ways from the Paranormal franchise, because it is geared towards a different audience. We did try to capture a lot of the scares and the realism that happens in found-footage movies, but it's not exactly the same. It's a little bit different, but we did have to learn a lot of things. For example, when you have the cameraman and they're following the dialogue, they cannot know in advance who's going to be the next character who's going to say something. They should not be privy to the information. So they have to discover the action rather than anticipate. For a lot of this kind of stuff, we had to train ourselves while we were shooting the series."

The River, which Oren Peli created with Michael R. Perry, follows a team documenting their rescue mission to save a lost TV personality in Amazon.