Star Wars: Some juicy new speculations about the release of the original Star Wars movies on DVD hit the web today. Here's what our friends over at The Digital Bits are saying:

We have more evidence for you that the Star Wars Trilogy is coming to DVD in 2004. First of all, IGN Games has posted a story about the Rogue Squadron trilogy of games (previously exclusive to Nintendo) coming to the Xbox platform in 2004. Word is this is being timed to coincide with the release of the original films to DVD. Also, the website (which is dedicated to Star Wars memorabilia collecting) has learned that Lucasfilm is inviting its many corporate partners to an event at the Presidio (in San Francisco) on November 5th. The invitations read: "Lord Vader is planning a major assault. He summons you to share his top secret battle plans." With Episode III still nearly two years away from theaters, it's entirely possible that this meeting is intended to announce the DVD release plan to retailers for next year. Thanks to everyone who sent these stories in.
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