Digital Spy reports that Orlando Bloom has let slip some secrets of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

"They've come up with something bigger and better for the next two movies," Bloom told Radio, "They had to top the skeletal pirate thing and I think they've really managed it, haven't they?" RELATED: Johnny Depp Channels Captain Jack Sparrow for Young Pirates of the Caribbean Fan

He continued: "There's this sequence with a Kracken - it's a big squid - and some other things...oh, was that too much information?!"

Co-star Keira Knightley added: "I have a sword fight with two swords, which has been the biggest challenge, but also the thing that I'm most excited about because it's fantastic. I was well impressed!"

Two sequels are currently being filmed back-to-back, with the first - Dead Man's Chest - set for a July 7, 2006 release.

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