Movie Picture{0} Gotta love how strange studios get when it comes time for Oscars. Dreamworks spent an estimated $220,000 for three full page ads in the New York Times to promote {1} on Jan. 25 - which played three showings in one theater in New York. How many people went to see the movie? 15 people. That's $14,667 advertising dollars spent per viewer. You can't put a price on allowing Academy members to see a film in the big-screen format. a Dreamworks rep said.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)Dark Materials Trilogy: Long Live the Fantasy Genre! Now that New Line's proven that they can handle a fantasy trilogy, they've landed the rights to co-produce the Dark Materials trilogy of childrens books by Phillip Pullman. The three books in the series, The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass deal with childhood and innocence, and are filled with magic, theology, and science. Unlike most kids fare, however, it also explores morality and existence. New Line demonstrated an absolute enthusiasm for this material," said Scholastic executive VP Deborah Forte, who runs the company's film and TV division. "They were willing to move fast, and they had the experience of Lord of the Rings under their belt. It does require some courage. It's complex material. It's very rich with adventure and detail."