According to Variety, Oscar Nominations are a boon for DVDs as sales for Lionsgate's Crash went up 150% last week when it was announced that the movie had acquired six nominations.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment's Cinderella Man and The Constant Gardener both got boosts as well. DVDs usually rack up half their sales in the first six days of release and after that there is a major “drop off.”

Crash, the only best picture nominee that is available on disc, sold 45,300 copies last week. Lionsgate has shipped 4.5 million copies thus far.

"It's almost like it's getting a second wind," said Steve Beeks, a representative from Lionsgate.

Sales of The Constant Gardener and Cinderella Man, , also went up more than 100% last week.

Paramount's Hustle and Flow, which garnered two nominations, watched it’s sales rise 14%.

Usually it is the boost at the box office that gets the most attention, but with the popularity and importance of DVD that seems to be changing.

Studios now seem to arrange the release date of a title to ensure that it’s DVD release will coincide with the awards season. Sometimes, studios push up a DVD's release to maximize any heat an Oscar might bring.

Despite the massive bumps in sales, Universal is holding off on releasing its two best-picture nominees, Brokeback Mountain and Munich, until after the March 5 Academy Awards ceremony.

In the week leading up to the ceremony the studio is releasing Pride & Prejudice. Warner Bros. North Country, which grabbed nominations for Charlize Theron and Frances McDormand, will come to DVD on February 21st.

Despite this surge in sales and the benefits of having the title available for everyone to see , releasing a movie that wins an Academy Award once the ceremony has passed is still the most surefire way to maximize sales and profits.