It seems there will be one major change with the Oscar's this year, but it isn't a change of programming. According to Variety, the Academy of Motion Pictues Arts and Sciences has lifted its long-standing ban on airing film ads during the commercial breaks of the awards show.

The board of AMPAS voted to allow ads for films that won't open until the last weekend of April, at the earliest, to avoid running ads for films that are in the running at the awards and still in theaters. Ads for sequels or prequels to any nominated film will not be allowed either.

The Academy will allow one ad per studio and the words "Oscar" or "Academy Award" will not be allowed in any ad.

"We've been talking about it a lot," said Sid Ganis, president of the Academy. "We're a celebration of movies, and here is a way to get new movies out there in addition to celebrating movies from the previous year."

There has been a ban on film advertising ever since the Oscars were first televised in the 1950s.