One moment from last night's Academy Awards had the rare distinction of being among the funniest and most mysterious, simultaneously. Two previous Best Actress winners, Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence, came out on stage to present this year's Best Actress. Most were surprised, though, when Jodie Foster came out limping on crutches, and while her joke that Meryl Streep was responsible for her injury got some of the biggest laughs of the night, the real reason for her injury has been revealed.

When both Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence took the Oscars stage, Lawrence said to her co-presenter, "I'm so sorry. What happened to you?" Jodie Foster simply replied "Streep," which brought big laughs as the cameras cut to a rather shocked and amused Meryl Streep, before adding, "She I, Tonya'd me," which brought big laughs from I, Tonya star Margot Robbie. Lawrence added that Streep tripped her once, and that Streep always "seems so nice at the luncheons," to which Foster responded by stating that she's merely acting. Foster never revealed the actual reason why she was on crutches, but her publicist confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the actress had injured herself after taking a fall while skiing.

Foster had been photographed last week before the Oscar ceremony on crutches, where she was seen going into a medical building in Beverly Hills, although no details about her injury were given until now. Still, no specifics were given about what exactly she injured while skiing, or how long she was expected to be on crutches for. While the jokes about Jodie Foster's crutches were certainly among the most memorable moments of the Oscar ceremony, the presenters themselves broke a longstanding tradition.

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One of Oscar Sunday's long-held traditions is that the Best Actor award is presented by the previous year's Best Actress winner, and the Best Actress award is presented by last year's Best Actor winner. This year, however, last year's Best Actor winner, Casey Affleck, who won for his performance in Manchester-by-the-Sea, removed himself from presenting the award, because of the controversy swirling around his own sexual misconduct allegations. This lead to Foster and Lawrence presenting the Best Actress award, with two other Best Actress winners, Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren, who earlier in the night showcased the jet-ski given to the shortest acceptance speech, presenting the Best Actor award.

Jennifer Lawrence also thanked Jodie Foster for giving her one of her first jobs when she was just 19 years old, a supporting role in The Beaver, which Jodie Foster starred in and directed. Jodie Foster most recently directed a rather popular episode of Netflix's Black Mirror, entitled Arkangel, and she also directed the 2016 thriller Money Monster. On the acting side, she will next be seen in Hotel Artemis for writer-director Drew Pearce, as part of an ensemble cast that includes Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella, Dave Bautista, Jenny Slate, Jeff Goldblum, Charlie Day and Zachary Quinto. Entertainment Weekly broke the news about Jodie Foster's injury, and you can take a look at her presentation with Jennifer Lawrence at last night's Oscar ceremony below.

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