Ouijageist threatens to eat your soul in the first trailer for this upcoming horror thriller arriving on Digital this month. The movie is an evil mashup of horror favorites, pulling its inspiration from the 80s classics Poltergeist and Witch Board while honoring more recent hits like Ouija and The Conjuring.

The poster shows off the Ouijageist in all its terrifying 6-armed horror, floating in to wreck your weekend with her evil ways. We have the first trailer for you to check out, which might be a little too scary for those folks who haven't ventured outside in the past few weeks. You've been warned.

This April, beware the Ouijageist. She will eat your soul. And anyone else's soul who happens to get in the way. Director John R.Walker is working from a screenplay written by Darrell Buxton and Steve Hardy. Ouijageist is available on digital and DVD April 14 from Wild Eye Releasing. And it should satiate any soul looking for a few new scares in this barren cinematic landscape we are currently facing.

Lois Wilkinson and Lesley Scoble lead an ensemble cast in Ouijageist. They are joined by Roger Shepherd, Gabriella Calderone, Nathan Head, and Kristofer Dayne who star in this frightening new supernatural spooker in the tradition of The Conjuring.

After renting a new apartment, a single mom finds a spirit board buried in the backyard, which conjures the spirits of a group of evil entities who haunt her and her family. A local priest is enlisted to help her put these souls to rest forever. 

Director John R.Walker has been in the news a bit lately. Also an actor, the filmmaker has decided to make a controversial new thriller called 5G Zombies, which looks at the conspiracy theory that 5G networks are responsible for the troubles we are facing in the world today, and for turning people into zombies. It was just last week that the 5G Zombies trailer debuted. So John R. Walker is one of the few filmmakers currently getting their new work shown.

Blood Bride and the Demons from Hell is another recent release from Director John R.Walker, and as you can see, he is really finding his niche in Drive-In movie fodder, which is good, since Drive-In movie theaters are the only venues open right now. He is also working on another B-Movie epic called The Great British Massacre which IMDB lists as currently filming.

You can check out the wicked new trailer, poster and stills for Ouijageist. It screams perfectly for those missing new horror movies at the moment, though we won't try and pretend like it's on par with any of the above mentioned titles in the headline. This is bottom of the barrel schlock. But hey, we love that kind of stuff.

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