When you talk to the other side, you never know who will be listening. Universal has released two scary new posters for Ouija: Origin of Evil, the sequel to their hit horror thriller Ouija, which arrived in 2014. This next thrilling chapter in the Hasbro board game saga is set to take things in a new direction, as it explores the origins of this tool for witchcraft.

When you bust out your trusty Ouija board, there is no telling who you'll meet! Ouija: Origin of Evil is set in Los Angeles circa 1965. A widowed mother and her two daughters work a seance scam business, and to bring in new clientele, they decided to embark on a new stunt. This unwittingly invites an unwanted evil presence into their home.

The youngest of the two daughters becomes possessed by this ancient evil spirit. The family is soon forced to confront their most unthinkable fears. Soon, they must unite to send this demon back to the other side of Hell where it came from. These two one-sheets give us a pretty frightening idea of what's in store of this trio, who should have learned long ago not to mess with the dead.

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Ouija: Origin of Evil boasts an impressive ensemble cast that includes Annalise Basso, Parker Mack (Divergent), Sam Anderson, Kate Siegel (Oculus), Doug Jones (Hellboy), Elizabeth Reaser, Henry Thomas, and Lulu Wilson. The movie arrives from Universal Pictures, Platinum Dunes, Blumhouse Productions and Hasbro. It will be in theaters just in time for the Halloween season, arriving October 21, 2016.

This has already been a great year for horror movies, and October is going to bring even more of them. In the early parts of the month, we'll see Friend Request and The Greasy Strangler hit theaters. And then on October 21, A Monster Calls and Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween will hit the big screen in wide release. But it is Ouija: Origin of Evil that looks like the sure fire winner. Although, it will only have one weekend to itself before heavy Halloween hitter Rings arrives, which brings The Ring franchise back to theaters after a long absence.

The original Ouija opened in the same frame back in 2014, and pulled in $50.8 million off a $5 million, making it one of the more profitable movies of that year. It went on to earn $103.5 million worldwide, ensuring its franchise status. With a $6 million budget in play, it's clear that Ouija 2 will be another blockbuster hit without much effort. While we wait for this prequel follow-up to hit, take a look at these very scary posters thanks to IMP Awards.

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