One of my favorite up-and-coming horror directors out there is David Bruckner, and today we have word that he is attached to helm Entertainment One's high concept sci-fi flick Out There. Details are scarce on just what the project is about, but sources say the thriller centers on a family struggling to survive following a mysterious event that changes the course of the world. Sounds like fun to this guy! Even better still is that we hear the movie follows in the vein of Stephen King's classic novella The Mist.

Stephen King's The Mist, for those who somehow might not know, was adapted into a film starring Tom Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, and Laurie Holden back in 2007 from The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile writer-director Frank Darabont. Not to compare apples to soul-devastating oranges, but let me just put out there that if this Out There motion picture is even half as intense and heartbreaking as Darabount's take on King's The Mist I think we're all in for a killer time at the movies.

Entertainment One snagged the rights to Ian Levy's much sought-after screenplay recently and looks to be putting the film on the fast-track. And while I have you guys here, let me say that Levy has a fascinating history in the film business. The new screenwriter was at one point an executive at both the SyFy channel and Bravo before taking on producer duties on Uli Edel's supernatural thriller Pay the Ghost starring Nicolas Cage and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead). Levy must have caught the writing bug on that film as he sold his first spec script soon after.

As for the business and production side of Out There, Zev Foreman and Josie Liang will oversee production on behalf of Entertainment One and The Picture Company Partners Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman will produce. And let me say that the inclusion of Rona and Heineman behind the scenes comforts the genre fan in me. After all, Rona and Heineman have tons of experience in the genre producing films such as Jaume Collet-Serra's The Commuter, Non-Stop, and Unknown. Plus they've put out some horror offerings such as Sean Carter's Keep Watching starring Bella Thorne, Chandler Riggs, and Ioan Gruffudd, and writer-director Todd Lincoln's The Apparition starring Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, and Tom Felton. They're good people, let me put it that way.

Meanwhile, as mentioned above, director David Bruckner is currently one of my favorite up-and-coming horror filmmakers out there. For those of you out there that might not be familiar with his brand, the man made a name for himself amongst genre fans over the past few years helming segments in such hit horror anthologies as Southbound, V/H/S, and The Signal. But Buckner really became a horror-household name last year when he directed Netflix's killer adaptation of author Joe Barton's The Ritual starring Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali, and Robert James-Collier. If you haven't seen that film yet, do so tonight. It will scare the pants off you and yours. Bruckner is currently in pre-production on The Night House starring Rebecca Hall and has the first and second episodes of Greg Nicotero and Shudder's upcoming series based on George A. Romero and Stephen King's Creepshow waiting in the pipeline as well. I don't know about you, but I can't wait! This story comes to us via Deadline.