The sequel to Black Dynamite is officially called The Outlaw Johnny Black, and star Michael Jai White has released a teaser trailer for the new project along with a crowdfunding campaign to get the movie out to the masses. White previously teased the sequel at the end of January with a cryptic social media post and a short clip, but now we know the full details surrounding Black Dynamite 2 and it looks pretty awesome. Instead of taking the direct sequel or prequel approach, Michael Jai White is bringing Blaxploitation to the old west.

When asked about the decision not to make a direct sequel to Black Dynamite, Michael Jai White likened the set of movies to the Monty Python style of parody. The actor also revealed that the movie is going to be a lot more family friendly than the first movie while stating that The Outlaw Johnny Black is "paying loving homage" to the Westerns that he saw growing up with the Super 16 grainy film of the 1970s Blaxploitation movies.

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As for the Black Dynamite 2 trailer, it's basically 3 minutes of synopsis. We see that the Outlaw Johnny Black changes identities with a preacher while he's on the run after he thinks that the preacher was murdered by Indians. Black heads into town to begin his new life as a preacher where an outlaw gang wants to take over the church for the oil beneath it. It's up to the Outlaw Johnny Black to save the town and the church from the men trying to tear it apart.

Black Dynamite 2 looks exactly how you would expect and Michael Jai White says that the different genre of film has always been his idea from the start. The first movie was the homage to traditional Blaxploitation movies of the 1970s, Black Dynamite 2 is the Western homage, and the third in the trilogy could see White tackle the horror genre. White aims to give viewers the same feelings that he had while growing up and even cites Netflix's Stranger Things as being one of his favorite shows that invokes those nostalgic feelings.

For now, there's still a lot of secrecy surrounding Black Dynamite 2. Michael Jai White promises some A-list cameos that he's keeping a mystery until the movie comes out. However, the sequel sees the return of most of the cast from the first movie including Kym Whitley (The Boondocks), Tommy Davidson (In Living Color), and Byron Minns (Adult Swim's Black Dynamite animated series). The IndieGoGo campaign just started and you can go donate as little as $10 to get the movie into theaters. Michael Jai White is trying to bring a sense of community to the project, which is why he chose to go the crowdfunding route this time around. You can check out the trailer for The Outlaw Johnny Black as well as donate to get the movie completed at IndieGoGo.