Netflix has unveiled a new trailer for Over the Moon. This is the latest original animated feature to come from the streaming service. In this case, they've tapped Oscar-winner Glen Keane, who is known for his work on Disney's The Little Mermaid as well as Beauty and the Beast as an animator, to helm an out-of-this-world tale. This serves as his feature directorial debut. As we can see from the final trailer, he went all out for what appears to be a wild visual spectacle that is steeped in Chinese mythology.

The trailer opens with a young girl and her father sharing a nice moment before we discover that her mom is no longer in the picture. A dinner with family then gets a bit awkward as the young girl recounts a legend about the moon that she believes to be real. Determined to prove she is right, she builds a rocket and flies to the moon with her bunny sidekick. It turns into a fantastical, music-filled adventure that feels very much like an animated movie from days gone by with a modern look to it.

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Cathy Ang (Fei Fei), Phillipa Soo (Chang'e), Robert G. Chiu (Chin), Ken Jeong (Gobi), John Cho (Dad), Ruthie Ann Miles (Mom), Margaret Cho (Auntie Ling), Kimiko Glenn (Auntie Mei), Artt Butler (Uncle), and Sandra Oh (Mrs. Zhong) make up the cast. The movie features original songs by Christopher Curtis, Marjorie Duffield and Helen Park. The score was done by Oscar-winner Steven Price (Gravity)

Glen Keane previously won an Oscar for his short Dear Basketball. John Kahrs (Paperman) is on board as co-director, working alongside Keane. Audrey Wells (The Hate U Give) penned the screenplay. Gennie Rim (Dear Basketball) and Peilin Chou (Abominable) are on board as producers. Janet Yang, Glen Keane, Ruigang Li, Frank Zhu and Thomas Hui serve as executive producers.

Over the Moon centers on a bright young girl who is fueled with determination and a passion for science. She then builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of a legendary Moon Goddess. Upon arrival, she finds herself an unexpected quest, leading her to discover a whimsical land of fantastical creatures. It is described by Netflix as "an exhilarating musical adventure about moving forward, embracing the unexpected, and the power of imagination."

Pearl Studios produced the movie in conjunction with Netflix. In addition to the trailer, a new poster has been revealed ahead of the movie's debut, which we've included for you to check out. In a year that has been sorely lacking in major movie releases, for obvious reasons, streaming services have come to the rescue. But this is a high-profile release that is aimed at younger viewers, though one that can surely be enjoyed by all. With many kids still stuck at home, this could end up being a hit, if the final product is as good as this trailer. Over the Moon arrives October 23 on the Netflix streaming service. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

Over the Moon
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