Overlord is not the often-talked about Cloverfield 4 that some fans were hoping for, and the final trailer goes on to prove that. The J.J. Abrams produced film takes place on the eve of D-Day during World War II and follows a group of U.S. paratroopers as they stumble on to a frightening discovery after their plane crashes behind enemy lines. As it turns out, the Nazis have been conducting some pretty interesting experiments on soldiers, turning them into mutant super weapons.

Julius Avery directed Overlord from a script by Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith. In typical Bad Robot style, the movie was a mystery during its production, which led to the Cloverfield 4 rumors. All of the secrets were revealed last week when the film made its debut at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, earning a round of strong reviews from critics. The WWII horror movie has been praised for its heavy war moments mixed with the scientific horror that the Nazis are carrying out.

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The final trailer for Overlord shows off some previously unseen footage along with some blurbs about the movie from the aforementioned glowing reviews and even the 93 percent Fresh Rating from Rotten Tomatoes. There's a lot of good buzz surrounding the movie at this time, which could be a huge plus when it hits theaters at the beginning of November. The film was made on a modest budget and stands to make a decent chunk of change at the box office during its debut weekend.

In addition to the awesome trailers that have been released for Overlord, one of which using AC/DC's "Hells Bells" to perfect effect, the movie has had some pretty great posters released as well. The Mondo-created WWII propaganda poster was released to promote the Fantastic Fest last week and featured the face of the Nazi mutants lined up in a row with a reassuring tag of, "Stop the Unstoppable." The previous poster was the paratroopers gliding to the ground from the plane, but it was all done in blood, adding to the horror theme. The end result was a crazy battle on the ground.

Bad Robot has done an excellent job keeping the secrets of Overlord under wraps while creating an interesting and intriguing marketing approach, that should go on to help at the box office as well. Originally aiming for a release date before Halloween, but it opens in theaters on November 9th instead, which is close enough. Plus, there's a lot of competition this month with David Gordon Green's Halloween hitting theaters on October 19th. The sequel is expected to be a winner at the box office this Halloween season. However, Overlord might take home the prize for being the most frightening film of the year. You can see for yourself by watching the final trailer for the movie below, thanks to the Paramount Pictures YouTube channel.