Overparenting and The Fiance: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot's Disney-based Offspring Entertainment has set up two projects at Walt Disney Pictures, one of which is being developed as a potential directing vehicle for Shankman.

"Overparenting," the project that Shankman is eyeing, is a comedy written by Cheaper by the Dozen scribe Sam Harper.

Its story revolves around two overprotective parents who enroll their shy son in an exclusive kindergarten where he makes friends with another student with wealthy parents. His new friend's rich parents invite him and his parents to Hawaii for what turns into a vacation from hell.

"The Fiance," written by Jennifer Robinson and Dyanne Stemple, is about a woman who breaks off her engagement to the seemingly perfect guy. She decides the only way to get rid of him is for her to find him a new girlfriend, but in the course of doing that, she falls back in love with the man.