It seems like the production team behind The Greatest American Hero is no longer married to the idea of Owen Wilson playing Ralph Hinkley, the title hero, in the film adaptation of the 1980s television series. According to Moviehole, the production is now open to the idea of casting an unknown in the role.

The source apparently also differs strongly in many details from the original series. In the film, Ralph will have to contend with two different adversaries. One will be a typical supervillain type, but the other will be "Harve Lundy", a fat teacher at the same school as the one where Ralph teaches at.

Additionally, the super-suit which gives Ralph his powers won't just give him the classic 'Superman suite' of powers such as flight, invulnerability and super-strength. Notably, he is supposed to gain the ability to burst into flame in the same fashion as Johnny Storm from Fantastic Four.

Directed by Stephen Herek, The Greatest American Hero is scheduled to fly into theatres sometime in 2009.