Recently Moviehole had a chance to talk with Owen Wilson, who was currently in Austrailia promotion his current hit Wedding Crashers, and he mentioned that he and Ben Stiller might in fact be doing a Zoolander remake.

"We're talking about that now", Wilson offered.

The actor also spoke a little about Shanghai Dawn - another sequel to Shanghai Noon - and Starsky and Hutch 2. "Doesn't look like they're happening, but you never know."

Zoolander is based on a sketch called Derek Zoolander, Male Model that Ben Stiller did at the 1996 VH1 Fashion Awards show. The movie was a spoof of the shallow, self-obsessed, model-worshipping culture, centered on Zoolander, the CEO of a modeling school. The movie cost $28 million dollars and brought in over $45 million in the U.S.. Sequel talks have also been bolstered by strong DVD sales.