Owen Wilson is a versatile actor, who can pretty much do anything, but one thing that he does extremely well is say the word "wow." Wilson says wow in nearly every movie that he's ever done, which even includes the animated films. The "wows" have been collected and compiled for video memes that contain nearly every wow that Owen Wilson has ever muttered, including an intriguing video that posted the best of them backwards. And now, people are gathering to pay the ultimate tribute to Wilson's iconic "wow" in public and in unison.

Over 4 thousand people are gathering together in Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia to "say wow like Owen Wilson." Believe it or not, this is not a joke and one look at the Facebook Event page proves it. Wilson "wow" fans from all over the world are requesting a live stream to turn this into a global "wow" celebration. There are no live streams officially announced yet but expect more news on that shortly. Though the event says 4 thousand, there might be far less since just about anybody can RSVP to those events, much like the famous Smash Mouth live in a Dumpster concert series or Creed at Chuck E. Cheese.

The event page states the event will take place at 6 PM on Monday, February 26th. The Owen Wilson "wow" event starts with a "hype speech from admin" and then some "warmup wows" that will end up with a "massive group wow" at 6:15. After that, it will be followed by "kickon wows." They've really thought of everything for this amazing tribute. So far, Owen Wilson has yet too publicly address his fans from all over the world that plan on paying tribute to the best "wow" in the business.

The event organizer has said that the event originally started as a joke but is "all real now." He adds that he's been touched by the outpouring of support from fans that are "fascinated with repeating the same annoying phrase over and over again." Although no live feed has been figured out yet, Owen Wilson fans are encouraged to join in on the fun on the event page while the festivities go down. The organizer said that it's gotten so big that he had to file to get a permit, which is something he never thought would happen. One can imagine that he might have said, "wow," when he heard the news.

While a lot of us won't be able to attend the "wow" celebration in Australia, we can celebrate on our own, no matter what country we live in. For starters, there's plenty of videos collecting Owen Wilson's best "wows," which are posted below, so you can choose your favorite of the "wows." If you'd like to get extreme, the backwards "wows" are also included below. Head over to the Live Love Wow Facebook Event Page for more information.

Kevin Burwick