The Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame is preparing to induct Pac-Man next month. Born in 1980 and widely considered the original digital game mascot, Pac-Man made a profound impact on the video game industry, the role of storytelling in games, and popular culture as a whole. A lot of people caught Pac-Man fever back in the early 1980s and 40 years later, a cure has yet to be found. Comic-Con will be honoring Pac-Man and his many accomplishments during the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame Virtual Induction Ceremony on December 17th, 2020.

For an entire generation, Pac-Man ignited a love of video and arcade games. Back in the early days of the gaming industry, Pac-Man fans would get to the arcade early and start lining up for a chance to play. If players couldn't get a spot to pump some quarters into a machine, they stood by and cheered their friends on as high scores were tabulated. Early gamers were able to connect with Pac-Man on a level that had not been witnessed up until that point in history.

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Pac-Man's legacy has endured over the years and is one of the most widely recognized images on Earth. The video game character plays a significant role in the history of video games, and his presence continues to pervade not only in the game industry but in all areas of popular culture today including fashion, film, food, music, and art. Pac-Man transcended video games and went on to become the star of a TV series and even the focus of a hit single. There have been over 200 different Pac-Man games and a new one is arriving this week: Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle.

By honoring Pac-Man, the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame is set pay homage to digital creators and the vision and values that inspire them. Pac-Man creator, Toru Iwatani, had no training as a designer or programmer, but he had a powerful vision. A true pioneer and champion for inclusivity, Iwatani aimed to design a game that would appeal to female players. With the creation of Pac-Man, Iwatani helped to open the doors of the gaming industry to include all players while also helping creators to understand the opportunity they have to not only make a fun game, but to make a positive impact as well.

The Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame is set to reflect on 40 years of Pac-Man, which should be a good slice of entertainment for video game fans of all ages. While games have gone in a million different directions since 1980, Pac-Man is still seen as a legendary game that is played to this day in competitions all over the world. The December 17th induction ceremony is free for everybody to watch, but there are donation packages that are also available. You can head over to the official Comic-Con website for more information on the donation packages.