Last week, a report claimed that the highly-anticipated Pacific Rim 2 has now been delayed indefinitely, which was paired with the news that Guillermo del Toro has signed on to develop and direct a remake of Fantastic Voyage. We never heard anything official about this delay from Legendary Pictures or Universal Pictures, but today we have an update from director Guillermo del Toro, who reveals the project is still alive. Here's what the director had to say through his Twitter page yesterday.

"Pacific Rim 2 cancelled? Don't believe everything you read. It's still going and I'll remain w it in one way or another!"
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The last update we got on Pacific Rim 2 was from Guillermo del Toro himself, who revealed on his Twitter page in October that he had turned in the script and budget for the sequel. The director's comments that he'll be involved "one way or another" could be a hint that he may no longer be directing, with another filmmaker coming in to direct the script he co-wrote with Travis Beacham and Zak Penn. We don't know for sure, but it's possible that Guillermo del Toro may now only be involved as a writer and producer, now that he's taken the reins on Fantastic Voyage.

Our report from last week also revealed that Chinese property and investment firm Dalian Wanda Group has agreed to acquire a majority stake in Legendary Entertainment, news which was confirmed through a press release sent out earlier today. This acquisition of Legendary could bode well for the development of Pacific Rim 2, since the original Pacific Rim earned $111.9 million in China, the movie's highest box office gross in any worldwide market, including the U.S. ($101.8 million). While we don't know for certain yet, it's possible that this major studio merger could breath new life back into Pacific Rim 2.

Guillermo del Toro co-wrote the script with Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim) and Jon Spaihts (Doctor Strange). No returning cast members from Pacific Rim have been confirmed, but it is believed that Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman will be coming back. The director revealed that he plans on bringing back everyone who survived from Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim 2 had been set for release on August 4, 2017, but that release date was scrapped late last year. Even if the project does move ahead, with or without Guillermo del Toro at the helm, it may still be many years before we see it on the big screen. Are you glad that Pacific Rim 2 isn't completely dead yet? Do you hope Guillermo del Toro is still on board to direct?