Last week, fans finally got their first official look at John Boyega in Pacific Rim: Uprising as Jake Pentecost, the young son of Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) from the original Pacific Rim. Since we haven't been given any official plot details thus far, as production continues on this epic action sequel, photos will have to suffice for now. Today director Steven S. DeKnight unveiled the official logo for the sequel. There isn't much to be gleaned from this logo, as far as plot details go, but the blazing streak of fire between the Pacific and Rim hints that this sequel certailny won't skimp on the action.

Director Steven S. DeKnight took to Instagram today to unveil this official logo, although he wouldn't offer any further details, as production continues. This image comes just a few days after a new poster teased new Jaeger robots, one of which resembles the iconic Gipsy Danger from the original movie. This Jaeger does have the same sort of nuclear reactor design in its chest as Gipsy Danger. Besides, we already saw that Gipsy Danger is returning in concept art revealed by John Boyega, and that design has a different head than this blue Jaeger.

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We have learned through recent set photos that Scott Eastwood's character is a Jaeger pilot, along with John Boyega's Jake Pentecost. It still hasn't been confirmed, though, which Jaegers they are piloting, and who their partners may be in this upcoming sequel. We did recently get a hint about who is returning from the original cast, after cinematographer Dan Mindel sent out an Instagram photo that featured a cast list, which included original Pacific Rim stars Rinko Kikuchi (Mako Mori), Charlie Day (Newton Geisler) and Burn Gorman (Gottlieb) and a previously-unannounced new cast member Karl Urban. The photo has since been removed from Dan Mindel's Instagram account, which lends some credence to its authenticity, although we still don't have a full cast list from Legendary quite yet.

It was confirmed last summer that another original Pacific Rim star, Charlie Hunnam, will not be returning to reprise his role as Jaeger pilot Raleigh Beckett, although he did add in an interview that he's "excited" about it and he's glad they're making it. Stephen S. De Knight (Daredevil) is directing Pacific Rim: Maelstrom from a screenplay that has been worked on by Guillermo del Toro, Travis Beacham, Jon Spaihts, Emily Carmichael, Zak Penn, Kira Snyder and Derek Connolly. Legendary has issued a February 23, 2018 release date for Pacific Rim: Uprising, which was once believed to be titled Pacific Rim: Maelstrom.

Pacific Rim: Uprising doesn't have any direct competition on February 23, 2018, but it will come between Marvel's superhero adventure Black Panther on February 16 and Warner Bros. shark thriller Meg on March 2. The original Pacific Rim movie only earned $101 million at the domestic box office, but it earned $411 million worldwide, with $111.9 million coming from China alone, which was by far the biggest gross from any country worldwide. The Pacific Rim sequel was given the green light after Chinese investment group Dalian Wanda Group acquired a majority stake in Legendary Pictures. Take a look at at the official logo for Pacific Rim: Uprising as production continues. We also have a look at the director on set.

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