It's been a good week for those who are into robots and director Guillermo del Toro, with a series of blueprints detailing the Jaeger's in Pacific Rim. A fifth schematic has debuted that outlines the Chinese Jaeger dubbed "Crimson Typhoon." While it will be hard to read the details without being fluent in Chinese, it's clear that seemingly every country on Earth has their own style of robot warrior, which are used to eliminate the massive kaiju monsters destroying the planet. Take a look at the latest blueprint, then /pacific-rim-striker-eureka-jaeger-blueprint/CLICK HERE to check out the Australian Jaeger dubbed "Striker Eureka," CLICK HERE to look at the "Coyote Tango" robots, and CLICK HERE for the "Gipsy Danger" design.

Crimson Typhoon Jaeger Blueprint Photo