One of the most hotly-anticipated movies of 2013 is Pacific Rim, director Guillermo del Toro's thriller about massive kaiju monsters unleashing they're fury. The viral campaign has kicked off with a number of goodies from this upcoming creature feature. First up, the viral website has launched that includes an intriguing video for the Kaiju Emergency Alert System. We also have a blueprint for how to make your very own Jaeger, the gigantic robots humans use to fight off these creatures. Finally, a "leaked memo" has also been uncovered, that warns of the imminent threat posed by these enormous creatures. Take a look at the video and images, then read on for more information about this viral campaign.

<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Viral Photo 1
<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Viral Photo 2
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<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Viral Photo 3

The website also has a countdown set to end on December 12. Could we be seeing the first trailer for Pacific Rim on that date? We aren't completely sure, but stay tuned for more updates.