A new video has hit the Internet, and various sources, such as Movie Viral, are claiming that it is a viral video for the long awaited Godzilla reboot from director Gareth Edwards. The following footage is quite reminiscent of his previous film Monsters. Our own expert here at the site (yes, we have an expert on monster noises) believes that this is actually a viral video for Guillermo del Toro's currently shooting giant monster thriller Pacific Rim, which is more likely the case since its closer to release.

Either that, or its neither of the above (it should be noted that Pacific Rim and Godzilla are both coming from Legendary Pictures). Its too early for a Cloverfield 2 viral, and the creepy thing about this video is that these same noises were actually heard here in Alhambra, a suburb of Los Angeles, at the same time these noise were captures on film, last week. It certainly scared the dogs, but I didn't think too much of it, passing the roars off as loud machinery passing by outside my window.

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The end of Kevin Smith's Red State should also be noted here, as the climax of that film finds the villainous church group being defeated by an old firehouse loud speaker hooked to an iPod. This could just be a video prophesizing the oncoming apocalypse. Whatever it is, you should check it out below. Then tell us what you think it might be. Godzilla? Giant Pacific Rim monsters? The rapture? Mass Effect 3 Reapers? Weather Weapons created by our Government? Did you hear these noises where you live?