The latest poster for Pacific Rim showcases America's massive robot guardian dubbed Gipsy Danger. This robot is seen holding a huge storage container like it's a brick, perhaps readying himself to toss it at an oncoming kaiju monster. There is also a nod to Iron Man in the design, with what looks to be a large, circular power unit in the middle of his chest. Take a look at the latest one-sheet, along with all of the other jaeger posters that have been released thus far.

<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Gipsy Danger Jaeger Poster

<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Coyote Tango Jaeger Poster 1

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<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Cherno Alpha Jaeger Poster

<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Crimson Typhoon Jaeger Poster

<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Striker Eureka Jaeger Poster

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