Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim is tracking poorly. In fact, it looks like Grown Ups 2, the first ever Adam Sandler sequel, opening the same day, is going to out perform it at the box office. Scary news for genre fans? Or just the way of the average ticket buyer? Guillermo del Toro is addressing the issue this morning with a statement about the film, and Warner Bros. and Legendary have released an all-new featurette to help entice you to the Jaeger side of this particular July weekend. If someone at Sony or Warner Bros. was smart, they'd make a mash-up video that showed one of the two supernatural forces besting each other on a water slide. Until that time happens, check out the latest footage from this IMAX behemoth, and then read on for Mo's graceful words in accepting what might turn out to be a surprising box office bomb, whose quality and assuasive entertainment value will suddenly be judged against the almighty dollar sign until it becomes a smash-hit on the home video circuit, insuring that a sequel does get made.

Here's what director Guillermo del Toro had to say about the potential ticking time bomb sitting in Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures hands, and how he plans to pull a Keanu Reeves in Speed-type move as the movie hurls toward the box office.

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" We just need to keep working. Our numbers are going up. Not in a minor way. Significant. We are on the right track. Whatever sequel opens will have, by definition, higher awareness and numbers across the board, but we are moving strongly in the right direction. We are working on it. We concentrated on the core for a long time -- but we are barely started on the campaign. I am seeing the ads now and I am seeing outdoors and we are now supplementing what we did with character or tone. Thank you all for your good faith and love."

Pop quiz hot shot: Can he cut the red wire in time? Or will this $200 million epic blow up in his face? We hope Pacific Rim is a hit! It's an awesome movie, and one of the summer's funner offerings. Will it be able to stand-up to Adam Sandler and crew, who worked from a screenplay that didn't even include character names on its pages? That remains to be seen, but we wish Mo the best! (And to that one old lonely lady out there who already bought tickets expecting to see a standalone movie about Joel Graham...We salute you!)

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange