Fans of Guillermo Del Toro's giant robot monster movie Pacific Rim finally have a sequel to look forward to next year, which is the good news. The bad news is, yet another cast member from the original movie has confirmed that he will not be coming back. Over the weekend, Ron Perlman confirmed that his character Hannibal Chau will not be in Pacific Rim 2.

The actor, who very regularly works with Guillermo Del Toro, recently made an appearance at Motor City Comic Con. During a panel he spoke at, the subject of his possible return in Pacific Rim 2, officially titled Pacific Rim: Uprising, came up. As reported by Dread Central, Ron Perlman reportedly said that he won't be in the movie. Here's what the report had to say about it.

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"Also during the panel, Perlman confirmed that he does not reprise his role as Hannibal Chau in Pacific Rim 2."

Hannibal Chau was a reasonably key figure in the first Pacific Rim, a character that was obsessed with the Kaiju and ultimately helped bring the movie to its climax, while providing some necessary exposition. Also, because it was Ron Perlman, the character was quite entertaining. Sadly, he, along with Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba, will not be back for Pacific Rim: Uprising. That means that the sequel will be relying heavily on new characters. Though, there will be a few familiar faces in the form of Charlie Day as Newton and Burn Gorman as Hermann. While not an actual human character, we also know that the Jaeger Gypsy Danger will be returning for the sequel as well.

Guillermo Del Toro made a point to include a brief post-credit scene in Pacific Rim that showed Hannibal Chau escaping from the kaiju that ate him, seemingly setting him up for a return. Since we don't have any official plot details for Pacific Rim: Uprising yet, it is hard to say exactly why he won't be coming back. It is possible that director Steven S. DeKnight made the decision not to bring him in. It seems more likely that if Del Toro had wound up directing that Perlman would have come back, since the two love to work with one another. It could also have been a scheduling issue. In any case, Hannibal Chau won't be back, unless Pacific Rim 3 winds up happening. At which point, he could make his return.

Pacific Rim 2 was in doubt for a couple of years following the release of the first movie, mostly because the movie wasn't quite the box office hit that the studio was expecting. Pacific Rim made $411 million worldwide, which sounds pretty good on paper. But when the $190 million production budget is factored in, that isn't a great return. Still, Pacific Rim: Uprising ultimately got the green light, just without many of the characters that made the first movie what it was. But let's be honest, we're in it for the giant robots fighting giant monsters.

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