WonderCon 2013 is on in Anaheim, California right now, and while it's no SDCC, a few cool things have spilled out of the Anaheim Convention Center, like these five trading cards from the Warner Bros. sci-fi thriller Pacific Rim, directed by fanboy favorite and con mainstay Guillermo del Toro. We've seen these images before in a series of recently released character one-sheets, but if you're at WonderCon right now, head to the Warner Bros. booth and you can pick these free cards up for your collection, which include Team USA's Gipsy Danger, Australia's Striker Eureka, China's Crimson Typhoon, Japan's Coyote Tango and Russia's Cherno Alpha. Check out each of these giant robots in their majestic glower before they become ravaged and wartorn in their fight against the deadly Kaiju. A sneak peek at the prequel graphic novel {Tales from Year Zero, available June 5th, was also released during WonderCon 2013. It will chronicle the first time earth is hit by the monstrous Kaiju, and the race to build the Jaegers as mankind's only line of defense.

<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Trading Card 4

<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Trading Card 5

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<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Trading Card 3

<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Trading Card 2

<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Trading Card 1

<strong><em>Pacific Rim</em></strong> Graphic Novel

B. Alan Orange