Pacino: Al Pacino's new film Simone finally has a release date. The film, which also stars Katherine Keener and Winona (Please don't send me to prison) Ryder, is set for an August 16th release. Pic is about a low budget movie producer (Pacino) who has written a great script no one will read. He decides to create a digital actress to play the lead and do the film on his own. The film ends up a smash hit and everyone wants the actress to be in their film. Pic was directed by Andrew Nichol (Gattaca ).

Rendezvous With Rama: The epic sci-fi film which is being directed by David Fincher has brought on Morgan Freeman. This will be the first time they've worked together since they did Seven.

Reese Witherspoon: Following in the steps of so many comedians who made a big splash with comedy and then decided to show their dramatic side, Reese is set to play a tennis pro in an as yet untitled drama which she will also produce.

Stallone: Sly has filed a $17 million dollar lawsuit against his former business manager for mismanagement of funds in relation to the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain. Stallone claims his CPA told him not to sell off his shares of the international restaurants even as the stock plummeted and the whole venture went into bankruptcy. At it's highest point, Stallone had roughly $111 million in stock with the company.

Deakins: Roger Deakins won the American Society of Cinematographers Award for his work on The Man Who Wasn't There. This puts him at the front of the pack for the Oscar race.

From Somewhere on the Beach... ~Jane Doe