Not even a fictional bear wants to have anything to do with Harvey Weinstein. The producers of Paddington 2 are seeking to end their distribution deal with the Weinstein Company after the shocking allegations that have come to light regarding Harvey Weinstein. The future of the Weinstein Company is uncertain to say the least, which does not help matters for the sequel to the massively successful family movie, Paddington. But it appears that the allegations are front and center for everybody involved, and they do not believe a family movie should come out under the Weinstein name.

Deadline reports that Paddington 2 producer David Heyman was initially uncomfortable speaking about the business aspect of the deal, he did call Harvey Weinstein's actions "abhorrent." First and foremost, Heyman, whose credits include the Harry Potter franchise and Gravity, had this to say.

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"What Harvey Weinstein did is obviously abhorrent. Hopefully the revelations and the conversation we are all engaged with now will lead to a tide of change in the entertainment industry and beyond."

David Heyman says that the ultimate goal at the end of the day is to have Harvey Weinstein's name "nowhere near Paddington 2," which makes perfect sense at this time. Paddington 2 producer David Heyman went on to say that the Weinsteins had nothing to do with the financial support for the upcoming sequel. Heyman said that The Weinstein company picked up the movie for distribution rights only, which shouldn't be too hard to get out of at this time, but it could see a delay in the North American release of Paddington 2.

David Heyman assured that there are many options currently being looked over for the possibility of someone else coming in to distribute the production. When it comes down to it, David Heyman and all involved with Paddington 2 only see the good in the character and they can't bear to see the project released through such a rocky and controversial time for the Weinstein Company. Heyman explains.

"It's very sad and deeply frustrating that Paddington, who's been around for more than 50 years, and is always looking for the good in people, and has such a generous, warm-hearted spirit could have any association (with Harvey Weinstein)."

It makes complete sense that a movie catering to children should have absolutely nothing to do with the disgusting allegations that have tainted the Weinstein Company. It's also a pretty good idea to publicly separate to avoid any future criticisms for the sequel.

The Weinstein Company distributed the first Paddington movie in the United States, where it grossed $76.3 million dollars, making it one of the company's highest grossing movies. Bob Weinstein has said recently that Paddington 2 could be what ends up saving the Weinstein Company after the fallout, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen if the producers of the sequel have anything to say about the situation. You can check out more of the interview with Paddington 2 producer David Heyman courtesy of Deadline.