Paddington 2 has lost its spot at the best movie of all time, at least according to the reviewers' ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. Last month, the classic movie Citizen Kane made headlines when it dropped from its 100% score to 99% after a negative review from 1941 was added to the website. This made Paddington 2 the new No. 1 movie on Rotten Tomatoes, as it had the most reviews of any title that also had a perfect score.

Hopefully the animated bear enjoyed his time at the top, because he's already been dethroned. Writing for Film Authority, critic Eddie Harrison wrote a new review for the movie that was particularly harsh, dropping Paddington 2 down from 100% to 99%. Harrison also claims to have reviewed the movie negatively on multiple occasions in the past, and that he "stand[s] by every word" of his criticism.

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The critic does offer a few select compliments in the review, such as praising Hugh Grant's acting and the prison song and dance number, but his opinions on the movie are mostly negative. He slams the plot for having "nothing to do with Paddington" along with voice actor Ben Wishaw for sounding "like a member of some indie-pop band coming down from an agonising ketamine high." Overall, his biggest gripe seems to be that the titular bear just wasn't depicted exactly as he was in the original cartoon series from the 1970s.

"This is not my Paddington Bear, but a sinister, malevolent imposter who should be shot into space, or nuked from space at the first opportunity," Harrison says. "Over-confident, snide and sullen, this manky-looking bear bears little relation to the classic character, and viewers should be warned; this ain't yo mamma's Paddington bear, and it won't be yours either. Maybe if you've never seen the TV show and don't know any better, this'll work, but long-term Paddington fans will find this too much to bear."

Because the review was just added to Rotten Tomatoes recently, there's speculation that Harrison penned this new piece to intentionally sabotage Paddington 2's top spot at the website because of the recent headlines. It's hard to say for sure what he was thinking, but what's clear is that the man is very much alone with his opinion amongst his fellow critics. A 99% score is still certainly something to be very proud of, and one critic's bad review is not going to sully the movie at all for any of its fans.

With Citizen Kane and Paddington 2 both losing their 100% perfect scores, which movie is now the No. 1 title on Rotten Tomatoes? That would be the universally-beloved animated sequel Toy Story 2, which has a perfect rating with 169 overall reviews. It remains to be seen if that will end up changing as well if another harsh review comes out of the woodwork, but for now, most of us should still be happy with the hit Pixar movie sitting at No. 1. You can check out all of the reviews for Paddington 2 at Rotten Tomatoes.