Those perplexed by the idea of a Benji reboot (sorry, saddies, it's not a dramatization of the Good Charlotte Staying Alive DVD you picked up at the Hot Topic in 2007}, may be even more perplexed by the idea of a Paddington movie based on Michael Bond's popular British children's book series from the late 1950s that centered on an immigrant bear from Peru who gets adopted by the English Brown family and is given the name Paddington Brown.

Then there are those of us who will forever associate the blue coat wearing, very polite, yet troubled anthropomorphized human predator with Arnold Drummond and a telltale smudge of grape jelly. By any account, the film feels 40 years over do. And it could easily be scoffed at as a preschooler project on level with Thomas the Tank Engine and Curious George.

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That is, until you realize that the movie, which will be a live-action CGI mix about Paddington's friendship with the son of his adoptive family, is directed by Paul King, the imaginative visual maverick behind The Mighty Boosh and Bunny and the Bull. He's considered in some circles to be the next Tim Burton, which makes us think we shouldn't be so quick to write Paddington off as tyke-oriented fluff.

We have the first poster, which seems to have been ignored until Bleeding Cool ran with it. The film comes from a producer of the Harry Potter films, so it sounds like its in good hands.

Paddington Poster