We have a brand new trailer for Paintball Massacre. Given the state of movie theaters right now, moviegoers are going to be left with precious few options throughout the rest of 2020. At least compared to any normal year. As such, we are going to largely be left with what is available to stream from the comfort of home. The folks at Uncork'd Entertainment are providing us with a rather unique option here, as we are getting a horror movie centered around a game of paintball. Per the studio, viewers need to "get ready for a deadly family reunion!"

The trailer kicks off with a group of former school friends getting together for a reunion, though there is some skepticism amongst them. They then decide to arrange for a game of paintball, of all things, with one member of their group particularly uninterested in the idea. But she goes along with it anyway. As serious as they are all taking it, the shooting is all just fun and games at first. But some dead bodies begin piling up on the course and it becomes painstakingly clear that the game becomes far more serious. A masked killer emerges who is looking to pick them off one-by-one, for reasons that are not made clear in the footage.

The cast includes Katy Brand (Matchmakers), Lee Latchford-Evans (The Rizen), Robert Portal (The Huntsman: Winter's War), Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser), Ian Virgo (Black Hawk Down), Cheryl Burniston (Dragon Kingdom), Lockhart Ogilvie (Viking Destiny), Natasha Killip (The Lost Day), Joe Hallett (Knights of the Damned), Nathan Clough (Christmas In Rome), Ryan Winsley (Robin Hood), Aoife Smyth (Macbeth), Tony Banham (Instant Death), Brendan Carr (Warrioress) and Paul Holbrook(Instant Death). The movie was written by Chris Regan and directed by Darren Berry. Joe Hallett and Brendan Carr produced.

Paintball Massacre poster

For whatever it may be worth, this serves as Berry's feature directorial debut. He had largely served as a cinematographer before this. As for Regan, he has written a couple of features previously, including Ten Dead Men and London Heist. The soundtrack also features music from the likes of Andy Taylor and Skindred.

Paintball Massacre centers on a group of old school friends who head out on a paintball trip, miles away from civilization. Things go terribly wrong when they find out that a cold-blooded masked killer is among their ranks. Before long, the paint is mixed with blood as they fight to survive their school reunion.

We also have a new poster for the movie to go along with the footage. It features someone decked out and ready for a deadly serious game of paintball, with a little bit of blood splattered in the background to remind us that the stakes are higher than usual. Paintball Massacre, aka "the most colorful carnage of 2020," arrives on DVD and digital on December 15 from Uncork'd Entertainment. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself from the OC Trailers YouTube channel.