Now you too can own a piece of Heroes history - or its future, as the case may be. NBC Universal is auctioning off three of the original paintings by artist Tim Sale, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The auction a joint project between NBC Universal Video, Music & Product Development and Delivery Agent and the NBC Universal Online Store.

The paintings by Sale have appeared, or will appear in future episodes of Heroes, where they represent prophetic paintings from the now deceased Isaac Mendez.

The auction, which can be located at, will also feature props, collectibles and wardrobe items from other NBC programs, including The Office, 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights. The first group of items, which includes the three Tim Sale paintings, will be available to bid on through December 3, 2007.

Senior Vice President at NBC Universal Video, Music & Product Development says this is the first time the company has launched an auction featuring multiple items. "We worked with the shows to identify props and wardrobe items and pieces that the fans are really excited about," she said. "We have a great selection of dozens and dozens of items." She added that each auction will last for two weeks, with a new group of items becoming available about every three weeks.

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