"The Age of Resistance: Supreme Leader Snoke" comic book teased the connection between Emperor Palpatine and Snoke months ago. Star Wars fans have a lot to keep up with these days to fully understand what's happening on the big screen. The Rise of Skywalker is currently in theaters and sheds some light on Snoke's big secret, though, like most plot points in the movie, it pretty much brushes over it, leaving fans to read the novels and comic books for more information. There are SPOILERS for The Rise of Skywalker below, so read ahead at your own risk.

As most fans now know, Star Wars 9 reveals that Emperor Palpatine was behind Snoke this entire time. We see his submerged clones in a cruddy aquarium on Exegol when Kylo Ren goes to meet Palpatine for the first time. The iconic villain then confirms he has been the evil voices in his head the entire time. For some, it really didn't come as a shock at all. Age of Resistance: Supreme Leader Snoke writer Tom Taylor recently pointed out that most Star Wars fans missed a pretty huge hint about Snoke and Palpatine that he dropped in the comic book. You can see the panel below.

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In "Age of Resistance: Supreme Leader Snoke," Kylo Ren goes to Dagobah with Snoke. Ren announces that he can feel Luke Skywalker's presence from when he trained there years ago with Master Yoda. Snoke concurs and says, "Yes, one of the most formidable Jedi began his training here." This leads Ren to look up to his leader and ask why he talks about his uncle with a tone of respect, while noting Luke is weak. Snoke doesn't feel this way because he knows the truth.

Looking back, one can see this is really Emperor Palpatine talking to Kylo Ren. Snoke goes on to say, "He (Luke) is not weak... he is misguided... If I had your uncle by my side instead of you, the galaxy would have been mine long ago." Age of Resistance: Supreme Leader Snoke pretty much spilled the beans about the Palpatine and Snoke connection back in September 2019, though there were clues laid out long before that elsewhere. Thanks to The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary, we learned that Snoke's ring came from Mustafar and that he too was a big fan of the Sith legends, just like Palpatine.

Snoke's connections to Emperor Palpatine were only really laid out in the books, which led some Star Wars fans to believe in different things. Some were right on the money when guessing that Palpatine was Snoke and controlling things the entire time, while others thought he may have been a devoted fan and even a part of the long-talked about contingency plan. Regardless, there is a lot of ground left to be uncovered about this story, which will likely be told for the years to come in novels and comic books. You can check out the big reveal below, thanks to Tom Taylor's Twitter account.