It seems no time at all since Sebastian Stan and Lily James broke the internet with images of their new look for the upcoming Hulu series Pam & Tommy, and less than a month later Stan has been doing it all over again by releasing another image of himself as Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee that fans just can't get enough of. The limited series is described as "the true story behind the release of the first ever viral video in history - the sex tape of Pamela Anderson any Tommy Lee." However, with its comedic attributes, exactly how much of this "true story" is true, is a completely different kettle of fish.

Transforming himself into the iconic rock star, Sebastian Stan grew his hair and allowed the series' make-up team to go to town on him, applying fake tattoos and multiple piercings to make him almost unrecognizable to even his most diehard fans. Riding on a wave of success, Stan has been playing the Marvel character Bucky Barnes for a decade now, most recently teaming up with Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon, aka Captain America, in the smash Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, so the first images of him as Tommy Lee caught everyone off guard. Since posting the first images, Stan has been teasing fans with more Instagram pictures of himself in character for his new role and his latest has really sent everyone into a whirl.

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The snap, which was posted on Sunday, sees Stan losing his shirt and donning an apron with the caption "kiss da cook" emblazoned across it, with an additional artistic flare of having a pair of lips as one of the Os in the last word. Adding a caption to the image, he wrote, "#sunday." Instagram user @sebastianstanfan had a great reaction to the photo, writing, "And this is how Uncle Bucky showed up to the cookout the following weekend."

In response to the image, Paul Walter Hauser, who appeared with Stan in the movie I, Tonya, commented, "I'll get the Tic Tacs" followed by a kissing emoji. Fans of the Marvel superhero were also quick to add their opinion, with one user by the name of @thewinterarrow, managing to produce a statement that seemed to speak for the millions of Stan fans out there, saying "SEBASTIAN STAN MAN YOU'RE LOOKING GOOD." The use of capitals was almost enough to let you feel the words, and flecks of spit, being bellowed at the screen as there were typed.

While Stan doesn't have a Twitter account, which these days should really be questioned as to how this absolute travesty of social media can be allowed, other users of the micro-blog app were very quick to make his presence felt on his behalf, sharing the Hulu behind-the-scenes image and continuing their slew of drooling comments.

All of this is doubtlessly the intention of the frequent image releases, and someone in Hulu's marketing department can probably rest easy knowing that Stan is doing their job for them. If the still shots are enough to get people this worked up, then the series is going to very quickly become a hit when it finally airs. This news comes direct from Sebastian Stan's personal Instagram.