On the big screen in movies like The Wolverine, star Hugh Jackman is shown as being quite proficient with a samurai sword. He seems to know his way around a variety of weapons, and is surely a master of the clawed hand. But when it comes to real life, it doesn't look like Hugh Jackman can wield a butter knife with much precision. Let along a heavy blade of steel. While shooting Pan, the actor, who is playing the feared pirate Black Beard, was tasked with cutting his way through a curtain. Easy enough, right? Well, as you'll see in a couple of bloopers that Hugh Jackman shared on Instagram from the set, this was no simple task. About the bloopers, he stated the following.

"Was gifted with bloopers from the making of @panmovie. There's a treasure chest of these sensationally embarrassing moments! Joe Wright you are genius! #PanMovie"
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The bloopers show Black Beard attempting to slice his way through a curtain screen. But the blade doesn't want to cut or tear through the material. What is supposed to be a menacing entrance quickly turns into a goofy bit of showmanship from Hugh Jackman. He takes it in stride the first time. But then, on a second try, he fails even harder. He stumbles through the cloth screen and into the camera with a big grin on his face. You would think after 7 movies starring as a Mutant who is quite skilled at cutting his way through just about anything, he'd have more practice at getting this right. In Pan, he's supposed to be the villain. But he isn't too scary trying to slice his way through a piece of silk, and failing miserably.

A live-action feature, Pan goes back to the very beginning to see how the beloved characters created by J.M. Barrie lived and flourished before we ever got to meet them in the pages of a book. We're introduced to newcomer Levi Miller as Peter, a mischievous 12-year-old boy with an irrepressible rebellious streak. In the bleak London orphanage where he has lived his whole life, those qualities do not exactly fly. Then one incredible night, Peter is whisked away from the orphanage and suddenly finds himself in a fantastical world of pirates, warriors and fairies called Neverland.

It's here that he finds his true calling, fighting life-or-death battles while trying to uncover the secret of his mother. She left him at the orphanage so long ago, and he never got to know her. Now, his destiny leads him to his rightful place in this magical land. Teamed with the warrior Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara) and a new friend named James Hook (Garrett Hedlund), Peter must defeat the ruthless pirate Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) to save Neverland.

The film also stars Taejoo Na as Kwahu, Nonso Anozie as Bishop, Kathy Burke as Mother Barnabas, Kurt Egyiawan as Murray, Lewis MacDougall as Nibs, newcomer Leni Zieglmeier as Wendy Darling, Jack Charles as The Chief/Tiger Lily's father, and Amanda Seyfried as Mary. Pan is scary, funny, campy and the perfect way to bring Peter Pan into a new age of fantasy filmmaking. There won't be a bigger movie this October! While we await the arrival of this fantasy adventure, check out Hugh Jackman on set as he stumbled about with his sword, proving nobody, not even Wolverine, is perfect.