Kevin Williamson has penned an original screenplay alongside Katelyn Crabb for an untitled pandemic thriller. The film is being produced at Miramax with CEOs Bill Block and Ben Fast serving as producers, with filming happening later this year. The movie will star Blockers and The Craft lead Gideon Adlon, with horror director John Hyams also attached to helm the timely drama.

The story is set to take place at the beginning of the first national lockdown. Two college students, Parker, played by Gideon Adlon, and her best friend decide to ride out the pandemic alone at a lake house. Or so they think. As Williamson has penned the original story and is known as one of the genius minds behind the Scream franchise, it sounds like we are truly in for a treat.

Hollywood has never shied away from tackling some fairly controversial subjects. Over the decades we've seen film after film depicting natural disasters, true crime stories, world war two and multiple regarding the holocaust. So it was only a matter of time before someone decided to tackle the most recent world-wide disaster that has been the Covid-19 crisis. At the beginning of last year, the majority of the world effectively came to a stand-still as we were all placed in lockdown to stop the spread.

Now it's not to say that Hollywood wasn't effected, with theaters closing worldwide the majority of studios resorting to release would-be blockbusters digitally with Disney even releasing its own streaming platform Disney+. Many films were delayed but that still didn't stop the Hollywood machine. They did not waste any time as we've already had a slew of Covid-themed entertainment. We were given the likes of Amazon Primes Songbird, Netflix's Social Distance, the satirical mockumentary Death to 2020 and a web series to boot Coronavirus Explained, it's safe to say we've had plenty to mull over in the last year. Bill Block had this to say about the untitled Kevin Williamson project.

"Williamson and Crabb have written a story that intertwines the palpable fear we've all experienced over the past year and merged that with their ability to skillfully amplify our unconscious anxieties by utilizing the horror genre. With Hyams attached to direct, we know that this film is destined to become a fan favourite."

It has been reported that Kevin Williamson is behind the Scream reboot set to be released in 2022 with the original cast set to return. If this is any indication of what we have to look forward to for this project, then we can only assume that we will be visiting a claustrophobic, cat and mouse thriller. Especially as director John Hyams has tackled the genre thoroughly with films such as Alone and the TV series such as Black Summer and Netflix Z-Nation.

Now, Gideon Adlon has been a rising star in recent years most notably as Sam in the Seth Rogan's coming of age comedy Blockers. Having starred in a handful of TV projects most notably as Becca on the Netflix's cancelled The Society she is no stranger to the thriller/horror genre. Most recently with the indie horror Witch Hunt and 2020's The Craft. The young talent certainly has the diverse talent needed to pull off the upcoming project by the sounds of things.

With the talent attached this certainly seems like a fresh take on the pandemic and like we are in for a treat. No other stars have been attached at this moment and we still have no confirmed release date. Be sure to check back for updates. This news originated at Deadline.