The Social Network director David Fincher has optioned the 2009 Jason Starr novel Panic Attack. The director has also set screenwriter Ted Griffin (Ocean's Eleven, Terriers) to adapt the novel.

The story follows a New York City psychiatrist who shoots and kills a home intruder. The event leads to a slew of media attention, and also causes the victim's accomplice to start gunning for the shrink.

The project will fall under David Fincher's newly-formed company Panic Pictures, which is set up at Media Rights Capital. It isn't known whether David Fincher will actually direct Panic Attack, or if he will only remain as a producer. Here's what author Jason Starr had to say about Panic Attack.

"The thing about Panic Attack is that there's a really compelling antihero in this guy Johnny Long [the revenge-minded cohort stalking the psychiatrist and his family]. He's a very clever, Ripley-esque psychopath."

No production schedule was given for Panic Attack.