Last month, we /panzer-88-images-and-plot-details-from-producer-gary-kurtz/reported on Peter Briggs's upcoming supernatural World War II thriller Panzer 88, which revolves around a lone Nazi tank crew confronting a giant Balrog monster in the snow, along with some concept art from the project. io9 recently caught up with Peter Briggs, who gave more in-depth details on the movie's plotline, along with a look at some new concept art. You can check out the new images below, followed by some of the information that Peter Briggs had to offer on the upcoming Panzer 88:

<strong><em>Panzer 88</em></strong>: Concept Art 3
<strong><em>Panzer 88</em></strong>: Concept Art 4
<strong><em>Panzer 88</em></strong>: Concept Art 5

io9 has a pretty extensive interview with Peter Briggs that you can read in its entirety on their site. About the mixing of the monster and war genres, the director offered up this bit of insight:

"For the WW2 armor nuts, they're hopefully going to be very happy with this movie. We're showcasing all kinds of esoteric German machinery, all real, never seen on the screen before. We've two tank battle scenes that are fairly adrenalin-fuelled, that haven't really been done in this specific way. It stands on its own feet within the admittedly-slim tank genre. And the monster guys are going to be exceptionally happy, also. there's gore in this movie. No getting around that. In Panzer 88, the lead characters who meet their doom all do so solely at the hands of the creature regardless of how graphic it ultimately is, and I think the audience is going to respond accordingly."

About the actual storyline, Peter Briggs went onto say this:

"The backdrop is set against the German Army retreat through Russia. There's no Nazi occult stuff in this movie. This is about real soldiering. In this movie, the Reich's portrayed with absolute realism. There's one line, about a Special Order coming down from on-high in Berlin, but it's not elaborated on. This is grittier. There's no slapstick. It's the real deal."

The director also went onto describe the Balrog monster that the Nazis encounter in the movie in greater detail by saying:

"People who have seen the creature assume it's based somehow based on a Golem, but it's not specifically. There's a little Jewish mythology in our creation, but it's not grounded in any one actual story. One of the German characters refers to it as a Golem at one point, but he's just taking a shot in the dark. Let's just say it hails from a missing chapter of a story from a small Russian province. Initially, (the Nazis) don't quite know why this thing is obsessing on them, but it's all they can do to roll with the punches and survive as it comes after them, time and again. At the same moment, you sympathize with the creature, and completely understand its aims. If there's ever a videogame of this, you'll be able to play both sides without fearing your morality is being compromised!"
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange