Nintendo's Paper Mario: Origami King features a pretty weird NSFW Easter Egg. The game was just released on the Nintendo Switch and gamers will more than likely be playing it all weekend. The highly anticipated game has already been criticized for being overly difficult, though it shares many of the same charms as the installments that came before it in the series. There's the challenging boss battles, unique scenery, and a ton of humor. However, there also appears to be something very strange hidden in the new game.

In Paper Mario: Origami King, there is an area called the Scorching Sandpaper Desert. The area contains the Desert Tower, which from within the game, just looks like a tower based on the Toad character design. Along with the area in the game, there is the Desert Tower collectible, which looks a bit different than the tower we see during game play. It seems that Nintendo is keeping their sexual innuendos from the previous games intact, as many believe that this tower collectible looks like male genitalia.

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Some gamers might think that the Desert Tower collectible design is a fluke, even with its fleshy coloring, but the design is too phallic to not have been done on purpose. Plus, the number that corresponds with the collectible is 69, which makes this way too obvious. And if that wasn't enough for people who seem to doubt that Nintendo just put a male organ in Paper Mario: Origami King, the description goes on to add evidence by stating that the tower is, "Said to be modeled after a legendary king!" The Paper Mario series is no stranger to sexual jokes, but this is a little over the top.

There is a very slim chance that this was unintentional, but Nintendo has yet to comment on the matter just yet. Paper Mario: Origami King was released just this week, so their social media feeds are stuffed with people reacting to the game, while posting their progress and questions. Paper Mario is dominating social media at the moment as people rush out to go buy it. The game is said to have an engaging storyline that helps propel the franchise into a new direction, though some wish it had gone even further in another direction from the other installments.

It will be interesting to see what Nintendo has to say about the Desert Tower collectible and its similarities to the male genitalia. There's a good chance that they won't address it at all, like some of the past games that alluded to sex. It seems that the Paper Mario series is geared more towards adults with the RPG feel anyway, so the gaming company might just be playing up to that audience. This detective work was first conducted by Polygun, who have provided photographic evidence of their findings. You can head over there and judge for yourself or you can see it in the included tweet embed, but be warned. The imagery is slightly NSFW.